30. January, 2013


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I thought the Royal Rumble was excellent for many reasons.

It takes a lot to get my interest and keep it and this show did just that. I am still a fan and like seeing performers who meant something at one time come back and get a reaction and respect from today’s “Universe.”

Chris Jericho, Goldust and  The Godfather all got a tremendous reaction from the live crowd in Phoenix.  Seeing Bo Dallas get an opportunity to enter the Rumble and eliminate the Intercontinental champion might become a defining moment and lasting impression in his career.  Knowing how hard Bo has worked and what he’s been through, it was gratifying to see.

I wasn’t so amazed as I was amused by all the people who were upset Rock won the WWE championship.  The reasons have been stated and overstated as to why the title was switched; Rock will get main stream media leading up to WrestleMania.  And yes, he will plug his movie along the way.

No matter how you slice it, The Rock is a real life action hero, movie star and now WWE Heavyweight Champion.  He will be featured in places where WWE craves attention and in doing that just might draw more viewers and bring back some older viewers who tuned out years ago.

I believe the following RAW proved the spike in viewership was real.  Now I hope it’s not only sustainable but grows as well!

John Cena as Rock’s opponent doesn’t bother me at all.  Once again, you have that “Once in a Lifetime” match, only THIS time it’s for the Championship!

Dolph Ziggler and Ryback will have their time.  I truly believe that.  When it doesn’t happen the way everybody wants or believes it should happen, you’re going to have a lot of upset people.  You can’t please everybody…

Knowing what Ryback has gone through to get to this point in his career is amazing.  Same with Ziggler.  Both are similar in their drive and ambition.  I fail to see how they can be held back.  Timing is everything. I take issue with the instant gratification mind set these days.  During Rock’s TV build up and as more eyes are drawn to WWE, Ryback and Ziggler will have time to get over and build their own reputation stronger and solidify their spots.  In other words they will be earning respect and proving themselves to more and more people leading up to the biggest show of the year.

Some say “Ryback’s deader than 4 o’clock.”  Others say “Ziggler will never get his shot.”  I say just wait… Patience…

I realize I’m looking at things through my eyes and basing it on what I believe to be true.  Ryback and Ziggler have overcome more than their share of adversity and setbacks.  The time is now for Rock to be champ and defend at WM.  The time will come when Dolph Ziggler and Ryback will be where they deserve to be.  It does take having the WWE machine behind them for that to happen.  I know both of them are smart enough to know how to make that work.

Brock Lesnar, CM Punk and Paul Heyman will continue to be brutal and intimidating.  The Sheild will eventually break away and become singles stars.  I like the build up.  I’m looking forward to watching how the scenarios play out.

For those fans that have only heard about the ‘Attitude Era’ I think this is a great time to see what one of the biggest stars of that era is capable of after branching off and becoming a main stream household name.  I know not everyone agrees but I see it as a win-win situation.  The Rock draws viewers, new talent gets an opportunity to show what they can do and the viewers continue tuning in.

Of course the pressure will be on writers and talent to produce excellent shows and get viewers to stay with them.  It will be a challenge but a great opportunity to prove you either can or can’t attract and keep an audience.

WWE has a wealth of talent.  The key is knowing what they have and the best way to position them.

Patience hasn’t always been one of my biggest virtues.  But I’m learning…

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