I travelled to Pensacola FL over the weekend and visited some of my old ‘haunts’ from the 80’s.  I was there to participate in the Brad Armstrong Memorial Cup in Milton.  A lively crowd of just under 300 showed up and had a great time.

There were a lot of wrestlers and tag matches on the card but the end result was to raise money for Brad’s daughters’ college fund.  On Father’s Day in Knoxville, TN there will be another memorial show at Chilhowee Park. A congregation of stars past and present in attendance as well.

It was an emotional trip for me.  I drove and had the opportunity to clear my mind along the way.  I arrived Friday night and hit the beach Saturday morning.  Brad’s brother Scott joined me down by the Pier and the sun and surf couldn’t have been more perfect.  I spent many days on that beach during my time working for Continental Wrestling and a lot of memories came rushing back as we sat there talking.

It was Brad who called asking if I’d be interested in coming to the Pensacola territory many years ago.  It was during a trip to Panama City that Robert Fuller decided I was going to now be “Dr. Tom Prichard.”  The territory was set up with close enough shots that the guys could spend the day at the beach and have plenty of time to make the towns.

I went by the condo I lived in.  Brad had one next door that he occasionally let some of the boys stay in while he crashed at his parents home in Gulf Breeze.  For a while, Kevin and Nancy Sullivan stayed next door and we had a lot of fun.  I was surprised to see the condos were kept up and still there.

I drove around Gulf Breeze to see if I recognized anything else.  Jerry Stubbs had a beautiful house two minutes away with a pool and we did a lot of grilling out way back when…

I decided to hit the beach early and get a good spot by the Pier.  The old Pier had a snack bar that sold a great  fish sandwich. It was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and a new Pier opened in 2010.  I tried the grilled fish and it hit the spot…

Pensacola, Panama City, Mobile, Dothan, Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Gadsden, Knoxville and a lot of towns and cities in-between made up the territory.  TV was done on Mondays in Birmingham AL with Gordon Solie as host.

I first met Gordon when I went to Atlanta in 1981 and it was a pleasure to work with him again.  My favorite part of the territory was the southern end when we had P’Cola, Panama City and Mobile in the same week.  They usually drew well and were short trips.

Now I’m back in Gulf Breeze getting ready to do a “Memorial” show.  It all seemed a little too surreal to me. Close to seven months Brad has been gone now. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.

There will be another Memorial for Brad on Fathers Day at Chilhowee Park in Knoxville.  I like seeing old friends but the circumstance sucks.

Chilhowee Park was the home for pro wrestling many years ago and was a great wrestling city.  The past and future will come together for a good cause and remember a good man.  Bob Orton Jr, Buddy Landell, Tim Horner, Jimmy Golden, DWB Tony Anthony, George South, Ron Wright and a host of wrestlers from all over will come in to pay respect and honor Brad.

Was talking with a couple friends about different topics like twitter, facebook and blogging. I swore I would never get on twitter!  But these days I’m amazed at who isn’t on.  Some tweets have pissed  people off.  Some have amused and befuddled.  At least people are reading my tweets.  I’m a firm believer in everyone having their own opinion.  I don’t have to like or agree with it and vice versa.

One thing that amused me was the experts who talk like they were there when something went down or they know what I did during my time as Head Coach of developmental.  I’m proud of what I accomplished and stand by my record.  I know what I did, how I trained and treated talent.  So unless you walked through the doors in FCW and actually trained or watched how I trained people, you’re guessing…

This will be an interesting summer.  We are almost half way through 2013.  Lots of interesting things bound to happen.  This day has never been lived before and you should treat every day like a blank canvas and you’re going to create your masterpiece.  You never know what you can accomplish until you try!

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