I’m excited to be a part of the Mid Atlantic Legends Fanfest Weekend in Charlotte, August 1-4.

Among the many activities planned for the four day event will be a Future Wrestling Legends Training Camp.  Les Thatcher, Gerry Brisco, Tully Blanchard, Leilani Kai and I will be conducting more than 30 hours of in ring training and locker room study.  I’ve done many camps with Les Thatcher over the years.  I’ve worked with Gerry Brisco in the ring and at WWE.  Tully Blanchard was a star in Texas when I began my career and soon left for Charlotte to help form the legendary Four Horseman.  Leilani Kai is one of the legendary women wrestlers from back in the day who knows her craft.  This will be an opportunity for wrestlers, referees and managers to learn and pick the brains of some of the most experienced coaches in the business.

The coaches and fans will vote on the “Best of Camp” and present a $2,500 scholarship in the memory of Reid Fliehr at the end of the week.

Charlotte is a city rich in pro wrestling tradition and the MAFF is a tremendous opportunity to see many of the legends who made Charlotte a hot bed for professional wrestling.  The Hall of Heroes dinner and awards ceremony takes place Friday night, August 2.  My old friends Jim Cornette, The Midnight Express, The Rock and Roll Express, Magnum TA, Les Thatcher, Danny Miller and Lars Anderson will be inducted that night.  There will be live matches, autograph sessions and much more.

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I usually try to write something about old school just because there’s enough people writing about what’s going on today.  It doesn’t always work out that way but that’s my goal.  Occasionally something will catch my attention and I feel like writing about it…

I let a lot of things go but for some reason I’ve gotten some emails talking about how TNA sucked under my watch in talent relations.  I also got some emails asking me to be a guest on some podcast or radio show to discuss my firing from TNA.

I’ve read how the developmental system was so horrible in WWE under my watch as well. FCW never produced any stars??


First of all, I never worked for TNA.  That was my brother Bruce.  I don’t care what happens to TNA.  It was evident long before Bruce ever got there that their problems were (are) deep.  Maybe TNA should start at the top (the very top) and look at what the real issues are.  Hiring and firing people is all well and good if it produces the desired changes and makes the company more successful.  I can’t speak about what’s going on behind the scenes and I never discussed that with Bruce or anyone else at TNA.

I can tell you I got a call last July with an offer to help with the developmental system in OVW.  As seems to be the case with TNA, lack of follow up and professionalism was indeed the case as I didn’t go to Louisville.  Why?  Never got a straight answer or courtesy call explaining why a representative of the company called and initiated talks about going to OVW as a trainer, ask what I would want to go and then promise an answer “by Monday.”  Monday has yet to come…

It’s a shame when a talented roster can’t get a straight answer or get paid on time.  Who’s to blame?  All I know is if no one can get a straight answer at WWE they go to Vince McMahon.  At this time, Vince has the last word and accepts responsibility.  Did Bruce screw up or make bad decisions?  Don’t know.  I wasn’t there. But I do know enough people in TNA who enlightened me on the dealings they’ve had with upper management (long before Bruce ever entered the picture) and the song remains the same…

I’m also not going to defend my record or go into detail about my time as head coach of FCW.  Look at the roster today and you’ll see who came out of Tampa during that time frame.

I will say this; Those who’ve criticized and talked about what I did as far as training have NO CLUE unless they were in my class.  Those who were there know, and I believe they  understood what I was doing and why.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Including me.  And I know we had a damn good program and produced some damn good talent.  Look them up…

I am happy that the new Performance Center is now up and running.  The hard part for some people to believe is that I really do want the WWE developmental system to thrive and produce quality talent.  I have no ill will toward anyone coaching or training there.  You can speculate all day long as to what happened and why. I’ve covered it in blogs and interviews many times.  Life goes on.

Get over it.  I did.

I resisted even touching on these topics again but every couple months I get emails from people who want to tell me how much they know, yet it shows how much they really don’t…

Thanks for reading.

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