I’m getting ready to head to Charlotte for the Mid Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fan Fest weekend August 1-4 at the Hilton University Place hotel.  Les Thatcher, Tully Blanchard, Gerry Brisco, Leilani Kai and I will conduct a four day camp with some great independent talent. One lucky participant will be awarded a scholarship in the name of Reid Fliehr for $2500.

I leave Wednesday and am looking forward to all the activities Greg Price has put together.  If you’re a wrestling fan and anywhere near Charlotte this weekend, do yourself a favor and check out the FanFest! For more information go to www.midatlanticlegends.com .

In my last blog, I addressed an issue about being contacted by  people wanting to interview me about my time in TNA.  Of course they were confusing me with my brother who actually did work for TNA.  I never did.

I merely mentioned a couple of  experiences I’ve have had with TNA and wouldn’t you know it…

I was called some nasty names by what seemed to be an out pouring of support for TNA and their fearless leader, Dixie Carter.

I read comments from “experts” who apparently know everything about TNA and the wrestling/sports entertainment business!  At least that’s the impression these people left along with their comments.

I’ve been doing this a long time and believe me, it’s not the first time I’ve been called names or had my sanity questioned.  But what struck me was the mood and setting that seems to be overtaking a majority of people in this country.

If something doesn’t go their way, they don’t get the verdict they believe should be delivered or someone disagrees with them then they resort to name calling and making assumptions and accusations.

All of a sudden websites carried my comments and made it sound like I was accenting the fact that I wasn’t hired by TNA last year and now I’m “getting even” and dogging the company.  When I said I never got a return call about a start date from a TNA representative, they “assumed” that representative was my brother.  It was another talent relations rep who is a good friend and I understood his position, especially after finding out about the chaos going on prior, during, and now after he left (yes, he too is gone from TNA).

I don’t believe you have to have attended a production or creative meeting, been in the “inner circle” or wrestled to have an opinion about the business.  But I do believe someone who has done those things has a considerably different insight and idea than those who don’t.  Right or wrong.

Every company has elements they can work on, get better at and outright fix!  You must be able to evolve and relate with your audience or progress will pass you by.  TNA has some tremendous talent.

So did WCW.

I do wish there was a viable, money making company to compete with WWE.  It would be better for everyone.  WWE has a structure and system that works.  I’ve yet to have anyone explain how TNA’s structure works.  WWE isn’t perfect.  But they understand what they have to do to succeed.

I really wasn’t trying to pick a fight.  I found it amusing that I got email asking if I would be interested in doing radio shows talking about my recent departure from TNA.  I thought, “there’s a blog in there somewhere”…

Once I started writing, I wondered about all the so called experts who know everything going on “behind the scenes” because they read insider internet reports and still got it wrong.  I’ve done  camps where people told me they really liked me as Brother Love. I usually let them keep going until another camper will correct them.  It can be confusing at times, no doubt.

In a lot of smaller show dressing rooms, guys will start rumors to make it seem like they know what’s going on in the ‘big leagues.’  One story was recently relayed to me about two guys talking about how “Paul was going to buy TNA, bring back territories, give all the indy guys jobs, make himself the world champion like Harley Race and travel from place to place.” Oh, and “Stephanie has retired.  She stays home to watch the kids.”


This is one reason I limit my appearances in dressing rooms of the sort these days.  I love it when they call “Paul” by his other ‘inside name’, “Trips”…

I’m doing some shots, camps and seminars here and there.  I can’t control what anyone does or thinks about me.  We’re all entitled to our opinion.  When I get the two finger limp handshake and start hearing “insider gossip” I make a quick exit.  It’s usually the same crew who want to lambast me for dragging TNA down…

To say TNA doesn’t have some serious problems and issues is putting your head in the sand. You can blast me all you want.  I got blasted by the same people who blasted Dixie the very next day for releasing Jesse Sorensen.  I understand Dixie’s reasoning behind firing people at this time.  She’s at least taking steps to keep TNA running and making tough decisions.  But it’s going to take more than that to get over the hump.

I still have friends at TNA and I want them to have a job and make money. I hope TNA and WWE both do well. It’s best for talent and fans if they do.  You know what some say… “Hope in one hand…”

Thanks for reading.

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