I’m getting ready to head to Charlotte for the Mid Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fan Fest weekend August 1-4 at the Hilton University Place hotel.  Les Thatcher, Tully Blanchard, Gerry Brisco, Leilani Kai and I will conduct a four day camp with some great independent talent. One lucky participant will be awarded a scholarship in the name of Reid Fliehr for $2500.

I leave Wednesday and am looking forward to all the activities Greg Price has put together.  If you’re a wrestling fan and anywhere near Charlotte this weekend, do yourself a favor and check out the FanFest! For more information go to www.midatlanticlegends.com .

In my last blog, I addressed an issue about being contacted by  people wanting to interview me about my time in TNA.  Of course they were confusing me with my brother who actually did work for TNA.  I never did.

I merely mentioned a couple of  experiences I’ve have had with TNA and wouldn’t you know it…

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I’m excited to be a part of the Mid Atlantic Legends Fanfest Weekend in Charlotte, August 1-4.

Among the many activities planned for the four day event will be a Future Wrestling Legends Training Camp.  Les Thatcher, Gerry Brisco, Tully Blanchard, Leilani Kai and I will be conducting more than 30 hours of in ring training and locker room study.  I’ve done many camps with Les Thatcher over the years.  I’ve worked with Gerry Brisco in the ring and at WWE.  Tully Blanchard was a star in Texas when I began my career and soon left for Charlotte to help form the legendary Four Horseman.  Leilani Kai is one of the legendary women wrestlers from back in the day who knows her craft.  This will be an opportunity for wrestlers, referees and managers to learn and pick the brains of some of the most experienced coaches in the business.

The coaches and fans will vote on the “Best of Camp” and present a $2,500 scholarship in the memory of Reid Fliehr at the end of the week.

Charlotte is a city rich in pro wrestling tradition and the MAFF is a tremendous opportunity to see many of the legends who made Charlotte a hot bed for professional wrestling.  The Hall of Heroes dinner and awards ceremony takes place Friday night, August 2.  My old friends Jim Cornette, The Midnight Express, The Rock and Roll Express, Magnum TA, Les Thatcher, Danny Miller and Lars Anderson will be inducted that night.  There will be live matches, autograph sessions and much more.

For more information please go to www.midatlanticlegends.com.

I usually try to write something about old school just because there’s enough people writing about what’s going on today.  It doesn’t always work out that way but that’s my goal.  Occasionally something will catch my attention and I feel like writing about it…

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My sympathies go out to the family of Matt Bourne.  Matt was the original Doink in WWE and had a successful career in other territories prior to that.

Matt was an excellent amateur wrestler and as the son of a famous pro wrestler, he was a natural in the ring.  I knew Matt for over 20 years.  We shared some good times.  I’ve seen Matt do things that if I wasn’t there to witness for myself, I wouldn’t believe it…

There’s stories I can share; others I can’t but Matt was one of the boys and could take care of himself.

Elton Owen promoted Eugene Oregon and loved to get “shooters” or “real” wrestlers in the territory. He wanted to see two shooters go at it for the first minute of a match and had a special trophy for the champion.  He paid the winner an extra $20 and the loser got $15.  When I first got to Portland, Buddy Rose and Curt Hennig pulled me aside and told me about Elton. I already heard stories and knew some of the idiosyncrasies  he possessed,  but I soon found out how understated they really were!

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Had a good time seeing some old friends at Chilhowee Park on Fathers Day.  The circumstances weren’t ideal but wrestling in a historic, yet somewhat primitive amphitheater was kind of cool. Many years ago John Cazana promoted wrestling in Chilhowee Park at the Homer Hamilton Amphitheater during the summer and in the Jacobs building during winter or rainy nights.

It seems like everyone has ideas about how wrestling is and should be ran today.

My thoughts are the business will evolve and move forward.  Does that mean we might come full circle and go back to the ‘good old days’?  You mean traveling 4-5 in a car, baloney blow outs and living week to week?

Nope.  Don’t see that happening on the scale it did before 1985…

I am excited to see how the business will evolve and transform over the next ten years.  Hell, the next five years will be full of new, ambitious Superstars looking to make their mark in history.  I’ve said this a million times; I hope the new stars learn about who came before them.  There are elements they can use and make their own.  There’s also some habits and mistakes they can learn from…

Everybody has their favorite era or time period for the business.  I can’t fault or blame anyone for being born into an era of cable TV wrestling.  WrestleMania 30 is happening next year and to the majority of fans or members of the WWE “Universe” that’s the only wrestling they’ve ever known.

I loved the 1960-70s era of professional wrestling.  I started wrestling in October 1979 and caught the last wave of the territories.  I was able to meet and wrestle against and alongside the same guys I admired and respected growing up.  I was now sitting in a dressing room listening to Terry Funk, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes and so many of my heroes laugh and tell stories like I imagined they could.

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I travelled to Pensacola FL over the weekend and visited some of my old ‘haunts’ from the 80’s.  I was there to participate in the Brad Armstrong Memorial Cup in Milton.  A lively crowd of just under 300 showed up and had a great time.

There were a lot of wrestlers and tag matches on the card but the end result was to raise money for Brad’s daughters’ college fund.  On Father’s Day in Knoxville, TN there will be another memorial show at Chilhowee Park. A congregation of stars past and present in attendance as well.

It was an emotional trip for me.  I drove and had the opportunity to clear my mind along the way.  I arrived Friday night and hit the beach Saturday morning.  Brad’s brother Scott joined me down by the Pier and the sun and surf couldn’t have been more perfect.  I spent many days on that beach during my time working for Continental Wrestling and a lot of memories came rushing back as we sat there talking.

It was Brad who called asking if I’d be interested in coming to the Pensacola territory many years ago.  It was during a trip to Panama City that Robert Fuller decided I was going to now be “Dr. Tom Prichard.”  The territory was set up with close enough shots that the guys could spend the day at the beach and have plenty of time to make the towns.

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Saturday May 25, friends and family paid their final respects and said goodbyes to Ronnie West.

Jimmy Powell and Bobby Simmons officiated the service.  Bill Dundee gave a heart felt tribute.  Brent and Rodney West did a fine job of putting together a video montage of their Dad’s life that played throughout.  I believe Ronnie would have been happy and proud of the turnout.

Bobby relayed a story when he questioned Ron about transitioning from wrestling to the circus and his reply was he’s going from “promoting fat men to promoting fat elephants!”  I have no doubt Ronnie felt right at home and showed Cole Brothers a better, efficient way of running their show…There was plenty  representation from the wrestling and circus world.  While it’s nice to see some old friends and acquaintances I wish it could be under different circumstances.

There are 2 Brad Armstrong Memorial shows coming up with the proceeds going to his daughter’s trust fund.  I’m looking forward to participating on both events.

The first will be June 8 in Milton FL at the Milton Community Center.  Bell time is 8 PM.  The second is June 16 in Knoxville TN at Chilhowee Park and will feature over 55 wrestlers coming in from across the country to pay tribute and honor Brad.

Details for both events are listed under the Appearances tab.

Football players in wrestling is nothing new.  In the territory days a lot of football players supplemented their income during the off season.  Two of my favorites were Wahoo McDaniel and Ernie Ladd.

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It’s been a hellova year so far…

Brad Armstrong passed away Nov.1 last year. Paul Bearer died March 5 this year.

May 8 marked 11 years Davey Boy Smith passed away.  Two years ago May 20, Randy Savage suffered an apparent heart attack while driving down the road.

14 years ago May 23, Owen Hart fell to his death from the roof of the Kemper Arena in Kansas City.  I was there that night and will never forget the shock and sadness everyone felt backstage.

Last Wednesday, May 15 another colleague, friend and member of the wrestling fraternity passed away.  His name was Ron West.  Ron was a referee and front office manager for all the major promotions from the 1960’s – 1990’s.  In recent years he had been with Cole Brothers Circus doing the same thing he used to do in wrestling.  Managing all the details from set up to break down, there was no one better than Ron West.

No one.

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I am excited about working with Jordan Coulson along with Man and Jane Naylor at VegasFuel! I’ve tried a lot of energy drinks but VegasFuel is the BEST I’ve ever had…

Saying something is the “BEST” is a bold statement I know. But after trying a plethora of energy drinks over the years, VegasFuel ranks by far as my favorite!

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It’s that time of year again and I couldn’t be more proud of our daughter Aleah for graduating with honors from the University of Tennessee.  Congratulations to her and all the graduating class of 2013.

Jordan Coulson and I are getting dangerously close to launching our “Odd-Cast” and doing something with Vegas Fuel Energy drink.  We’ve all been busier than ever but these projects should come together within the next couple weeks so stay tuned!

I was in Union SC May 4, for a camp and live event promoted by Trans-South Wrestling.  It was a productive day and I believe the participants heard some things they most likely never heard before.

I did have a good time and want to thank everyone for coming out. I wrestled a promising young rookie by the name of Alex Avgerinos at the Fairgrounds Saturday night.  Everyone worked hard and I was impressed with the crowd Trans-South drew.  Derik Vanderford did a tremendous job promoting and I appreciate his hospitality.

I can’t fault anyone for things they have no control over.  Nobody chose when they were born.  I can only hope that people who want to be in the pro wrestling/sports entertainment business today would be students of the game and want to study who and what came before them to blaze the trail.  More times than not, just the opposite is the case.

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Jordan Coulson and I will be doing a weekly “Odd-Cast” covering an array of topics from wrestling, music, current events, etc… and discuss them any way we see fit!  I will have a start date and time very soon and hope you tune in.

I had a great time in Crestview Fl last weekend and am looking forward to doing another seminar and live event in Union, SC this Saturday (May 4) at the Union County Fairgrounds.

Promoter Heath Childs put on a great event in Crestview. It took me back to a time when 500 passionate wrestling fans filled a local armory and got a solid night of action.  They also got to meet and mingle with performers on the card as well as legendary guest, Don Fargo.

Heath was trained to wrestle by Steve and Scott Armstrong and has that old school respect for the business.  The crew he had were professional and it was a pleasure and refreshing being in a locker room full of people on the same page.  Fan interaction on this level is vital and Heath made it as fan friendly as possible.

We went for sushi Friday night and reminisced about the Armstrongs and the old school ways.  The great thing to see and hear was Heath’s passion and respect for professional wrestling.  Some people talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.  Not the case here.  The event was promoted and attention to detail was evident.  I had a feeling I was in the right place.

Passing through Alabama and small towns in the Florida panhandle jogged my memory from the mid to late 80’s.  Surprisingly, not much seemed to change!  The real test would be the crowd in Crestview and they didn’t disappoint.  I don’t know what it is about places like Tennessee, Alabama and Florida but there seems to be more passionate, true-blue wrestling fans than anywhere else.  They remember their heroes like Bullet Bob Armstrong and Don Fargo along with guys like me who stayed a few years and had some career defining moments along the way!

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