I thought the Royal Rumble was excellent for many reasons.

It takes a lot to get my interest and keep it and this show did just that. I am still a fan and like seeing performers who meant something at one time come back and get a reaction and respect from today’s “Universe.”

Chris Jericho, Goldust and  The Godfather all got a tremendous reaction from the live crowd in Phoenix.  Seeing Bo Dallas get an opportunity to enter the Rumble and eliminate the Intercontinental champion might become a defining moment and lasting impression in his career.  Knowing how hard Bo has worked and what he’s been through, it was gratifying to see.

I wasn’t so amazed as I was amused by all the people who were upset Rock won the WWE championship.  The reasons have been stated and overstated as to why the title was switched; Rock will get main stream media leading up to WrestleMania.  And yes, he will plug his movie along the way.

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As I write this, I just heard about an independent wrestler in Florida calling the police after a match because he got punched in the eye.


This is only one of the things wrong with wrestling today.

Steelhorse Vachon. I only mention this name because it’s all over the Internet. A 6’5″ 280 lb. “monster” got punched in the eye by a hellova wrestler from England by the name of Tommy Taylor. After viewing the match and watching you drop all your weight carelessly on the guy’s back, you’re lucky he didn’t take your eye out, “Steelhorse.” I’ve seen this guy before. I could have sworn he was in FCW at one time. It’s no wonder he was cut. (After further review, he did come in for a couple try out camps but was a complete goof!)  Tommy Taylor was in FCW as well and is extremely talented. I wish I could give you a reason why some talent is released and others continue to ‘take up space’ but it is something that confused and befuddled some of us for a long time…

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I have a horrible disease.  Seems like I’ve had this terrible affliction my entire life.  It’s known as “cantkeepmymouthshut.” I know others who suffer with this same disease. Some deal with it in various ways while most of us have yet to find a cure or solution.

I seem to have struck a nerve with a few people with my last blog.  I realize I wear my heart on my sleeve and can rub people wrong with my thoughts and opinions.  It’s a habit I can’t seem to shake.  From taking a calculated risk (that didn’t work out so well) by letting someone know they came off like a “Flaming A-hole” in their introduction speech to talent, to saying that professional wrestling has always had it’s share of gimmicks and entertainment aspects even when the old timers were clinging to the belief that it was ‘pure sport’ with maybe a little showmanship thrown in, I just can’t seem to please anybody…

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You can’t play the hero if you don’t know the lines. And nobody gets out alive…NOBODY!

I watched the Christmas Eve RAW a couple days after it aired and wondered what all the fuss was about.  Alberto Del Rio ran over Santa.  Ricardo was crying.  John Cena valiantly and indignantly confronted Del Rio and Santa granted a “Miracle on 34th Street Fight Match” in that very ring on RAW, tonight!

Christmas Eve.  Santa’s handing out presents and gets hit by a car.  Plausible.  The cops were obviously on top of things because the official yellow crime scene tape was keeping any pedestrians from lurking about…At least we got updates on Santa’s condition throughout the night. Prior to the match he actually started clicking his toes together to prove miracles do happen!

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I feel like I had the best of both worlds being born in west Texas then moving at 10 years old to east Texas.  I got to see Dory and Terry Funk at the beginning of their career and saw many others who were great but I didn’t realize they were top stars everywhere they went. The Amarillo territory had a studio wrestling show that aired on Saturday afternoons with a cast of colorful characters.  While I appreciated their talent at the time, once I got in the business I appreciated their contributions even more.  As a kid watching they made me believe and want to do what they did.

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Next Level Training Facility
11210 Outlet Dr
Knoxville, TN 37932

Devin Driscoll  865-789-2830

WHEN: Saturday, December 15, 2012.

TIME: 1-4 PM

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It’s great seeing the next wave of developmental stars get a chance to shine on the big stage.  The only constant is change and new talent is the life blood of pro wrestling/sports entertainment.

With so much free wrestling on TV and a monthly PPV, I have to wonder how live event attendance is holding up.  I also wonder who would want to enter the pro wrestling/sports entertainment business and what their expectations are these days.

Watching RAW and Smack Down on TV does look exciting…bright lights, music, pyro, screaming fans.  It looks glamorous and appear as though it’s a rock star’s life.  For some, no doubt.

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One Boot Battle Royal…

What a month November started out to be.

November 1 my best friend Brad Armstrong passed away.  I’m still trying to come to grips with that.  Someone told me it does get better and “don’t be sad because he’s gone, be happy because you had him as a friend for so long.”  Maybe so, but I still miss him and it is hard to believe he’s gone.

November 13 will mark the seven year anniversary of Eddie Guerrero’s death.  I don’t know that I want to write another blog about the death of a friend right now…

Now this time of year will be marked forever as the passing of Brad as well as Eddie.  Along with a move from Tampa to Knoxville, changes are taking place all around.  I like the fact that new talent are getting opportunities in WWE.  Sometimes just one opportunity and your foot in the door is all it takes.

I wrote something a couple blogs back about Kevin Sullivan wanting to wrestle into his 50’s and even 60’s like the Original Sheik (Ed Farhat) did.  Growing up I didn’t realize just how old some of the veterans were that I would watch every week.  Johnny Valentine had been a main eventer for years all the way into his 40’s.  Fred Blassie didn’t become a main eventer until after he reached his 40’s. 

I think the wrestling/sports entertainment business is in a Catch 22 spot right now.  The top guys are getting older and the schedule is brutal. As a global company, WWE travels all over the world. But it’s the young leading the young.  The days of putting a “seasoned vet” with a younger wrestler so he could get better and experience seems outdated and long gone.  There are no more 30-40 year in ring careers any more.  The pace has changed.  The world has changed.

I recommend reading James J Dillon’s book “Wrestlers are like Seagulls.”  He talks about this industry being a talent driven business and without fresh new blood it will die on the vine.  People are a lot more educated and can see what is and what isn’t in most cases.  Besides covering his career, JJ talks about the changes that took place during his time in WWE as well as his open and honest opinions of those he did business with.  I read it through once before but it’s still a great reference book.

It took me back to my childhood even though JJ arrived in the Amarillo territory after I moved to Houston.  He would later show up in that territory as well managing The Mongolian Stomper and Moondog Mayne.  I was a second the night Moondog knocked himself out taking a bad bump in Houston. JJ talks about how mad Paul Boesch was at HIM after the match!  I don’t want to spoil any stories but suffice to say it’s a great read if you are a wrestling fan.

JJ brought back memories of the first time I wrestled in the famed Dallas Sportatorium.  I wrestled Skandar Akbar.  Akbar was announced as being from Iran at the time due to the Iranian hostage crisis that took place in 1979.  (Check out the movie “Argo”…)  Ak was actually from Texas and was very kind to me that night.  This was a case of an aging veteran helping a young, scared rookie through the match.  There were some ‘old timers’ who took great offense to “no-dues payin’ young punks” trying to come into their dressing room, work in their ring and be in their business!  Ak was one who would rather help and he understood it was better to see the positive side of developing new talent instead of burying it.

From October 20 through the first of the year I wrestled around the Louisiana-Mississippi-Arkansas-Oklahoma territories to get some experience before heading to Los Angeles.  I made some long road trips by myself and occasionally someone I didn’t really know would jump in with me.  They were all great trips because while traveling many miles by car you learn how to keep yourself entertained.

I made an early morning TV at the Tulsa, OK fairgrounds where I first met Brian Blair and Jimmy Garvin.  I was booked in a spot show somewhere in Oklahoma that night and another new guy by the name of Herb Calvert asked if he could jump in with me.  Herb was a big former college football player; just the kind of guy they liked in that neck of the woods…

He seemed like a nice enough guy and it was a good trip.  When we got the high school gym that night, business was pretty good.  I don’t know if it was sold out and they “were hanging from the rafters” but it was a respectable crowd.  I was scheduled to wrestle Skandar Akbar again and the main event was a Over the Top Rope Battle Royal with everyone on the card involved.

As I’m getting dressed, I hear Brian Blair ask Garvin “Is tonight that one boot battle royal?”  Jimmy went “Oh yeah!”  He then called the referee over and told him to ‘remind’ everybody on the other side about the ‘one boot battle royal.’

I didn’t say a word but I got the feeling something was up.  Brian then came over to me and said that tonight was a special match because Oki Shikina had been using a loaded boot and the stipulations were that he would have to remove his right boot and then demanded that the commission force everyone else to do the same.  Ummm, OK….

I thought it was a rib and debated on what to do.  The referee came to me and said “Look, you need to take your boot off or it’ll be worse when you come back.”  So I took my right boot off as the rest of the guys headed to the ring.  Brian yelled to them “Guys don’t forget to take your boot off!”
Ahh, hell…

I unlaced my right boot and was the last one out the door.  As I hobbled to the ring wearing just my left boot I saw everyone else wearing both of theirs.  And then it dawned on me.  I know who Oki Shikina is and I now remember, HE WRESTLED BAREFOOT ANYWAY!

I got in the ring and a couple of the guys said “Where’s your boot kid?” They were laughing and chopping me until Akbar came and got me and whispered “Somebody ribbin’ you kid?”  I said “I think so” and Ak proceeded to tell me “get outta here” and threw me over the top rope.

I went back to the dressing room, shook everybody’s hand and laughed along with them.  Later on the ride back to Tulsa, Herb told me I did the right thing.  Ribs were part of the business and it broke up the monotony.  There were far more characters and veterans from the real ‘old school’ that just played by a different set of rules.  I was fortunate and happy to experience and be a part of it.

It also gave me a story to tell and Brian and Garvin to embellish and add their own twist as well when I would see them through the years.  I wouldn’t trade those days for anything.

We tend to romantisize the past at times.  But I look back and while it might have been a gypsy life style and a new adventure every night driving and sometimes flying from town to town, the only constant is change.  If you stay the same while the world around you changes, you’ll be left behind.  When cable TV came on the scene, a few guys forcasted the future.  They said one day the business would be controlled by one company or source.  It was inevitable.

Are things better or worse?  Financially, much better.  Creatively, debatable.  Either way I hope the young talent of today develop their own style and way of doing things.  I have no doubt they will.

But I have to admit, I do miss the ‘good ol’ days’ at times…

Thanks for reading.


“Leaves are falling all around.  It’s time I was on my way.

Thanks to you, I’m much obliged for such a pleasant stay.

But now it’s time for me to go.  The autumn moon lights my way.

For now I smell the rain, and with it pain, and it’s headed  my way.

Sometimes I grow so tired, but I know I’ve got one thing I got to do….

Ramble On…”

My wife and I left Tampa late Tuesday night Oct. 30 and drove to a cabin in Pigeon Forge TN to wait for our new home in Knoxville to be ready.  She was in one car with two dogs listening to her country music and I was rockin’ out in mine.

I put Zeppelin in and called some friends along the way.  I called Brad Armstrong to let him know we were finally leaving Tampa after waiting all day for movers to arrive.  I told him we planned on driving straight through.  He told me to be safe and he’d talk to me tomorrow.  I talked to Brad literally every day or every other day if we were both too busy to get to the phone.

“Ramble On” was fitting for the trip.  September through November are the autumn months and the “autumn moon lights my way” to Tennessee.  I was moving on and I had a pleasant stay in Tampa but it was time I was on my way to a new adventure.

I didn’t smell the rain or the pain that was headed my way…

But man did it ever.  Why…Why take Brad.  Why God?

My wife, dogs and I arrived at 7:30 AM to our cabin in the mountains on Halloween.  We were exhausted and crashed.  Around 10:30 Brad called to make sure we made it and asked what time we got there.  In Brad’s “incredulous” tone he said “You’re telling me you drove ALL night and got in at 7:30?  What a trip!  I’m going trick or treatin’ tonight so call me later.”  I told him I would and hung up.

We got up later, showered and grabbed something to eat.  By the time we got rolling that day it was about 5:30 PM.  Brad’s taking Jillie out trick or treating… I’ll call him tomorrow.

We got some sleep that night.  My wife went to our daughter’s apartment to do some work.  We had no Internet access.  I guess going to a “getaway in the mountains” Internet isn’t a priority.  So I take the dogs for a walk and call Brad.  No answer.

About five minutes later, Lori called me back on Brad’s phone and told me she had tried to wake Brad up and couldn’t so she called 911 and was following the ambulance now.  I was stunned.  I knew she had to take care of things but Lori promised to call me back as soon as she knew something.

I immediately called my wife who did her best to calm me down.  Now all I can do is wait.  A little over an hour later Lori called me back and said “He passed away.”

I lost it.  I broke down. I was in shock.  Lori was in shock and needed to take care of things and I told her I would call her or she can call me when she knows more.  We would talk later that day….  I called my wife with the news.  She had things to do and offered to come back but there was nothing she could do.  There was nothing anyone could do.

Apparently Brad died in his sleep from a heart attack.  I just wrestled him in Pell City, AL in a tag match Oct. 27.  It was supposed to be a tag match with Brad reuniting with Tim Horner as the “Lightening Express” against Micah Taylor and me.  Tim recently lost his father and along with some health issues he was having was unable to make the show.  ‘Mad Dog’ Dan Sawyer filled in as Brad’s partner.  I saw the same Brad I’d seen for years.  We discussed nothing about the match.  We went out and just did it.

After the match we both weren’t sure we “did enough” and joked about “not being able to do what we used to.”  After all was said and done, we hugged, told him to be careful and we both said “I love you.” He was headed back to Kennesaw that night and I was going back to Tampa that Sunday and get ready for my move.

Brad was a special guy. I met him during my first run in Atlanta around 1982.  We traveled many roads together.  We wrestled as partners on a few occasions but Brad has to be my favorite opponent to wrestle against.  He was so smooth and natural in the ring.  As a ‘good guy’ or ‘babyface’ he was perfect for any ‘bad guy’ or ‘heel’ to work with.  If you couldn’t have a good match with Brad you didn’t belong in the ring.  Brad always worked for the match and always made his opponent look so much better than he might have been.  I know.  Brad carried me and I had some of the greatest matches in my career with him.

I really don’t know what to say.  I lost my best friend in the world.  Brad could do it all in wrestling but he was so much more than that.  He was an incredible father and husband.

He lived to take his daughter Jillian to school, go on class field trips, help her study and be there for her.  Brad’s family meant more to him than having a full time job with WWE, traveling and never being home.  He very well could have and would have been a huge asset and help in training some of the younger talent on the road.  But he didn’t want to stray too far from home.  He wanted to be there for Jillie and one day walk her down the aisle…

He loved his wife Lori.  If we were having a bad day or just going through what everybody goes through, we could call each other and let it out and by the end of the conversation we would be laughing and one or both of us would remind each other how lucky we really are to have the wives and kids we do.  Lori has done a great job holding up.  But she’s in her “mom zone” as my wife explained.  She hasn’t had time to really stop yet. Arrangements need to be made.  She needs to be strong for everybody else.  She needs to be strong for Jillie.  Brad and I really do have amazing wives.  I don’t know how she’s done it.

Brad’s wrestling career is pretty well documented.  He was known as under rated, smooth as silk and one of the very best to ever step into a ring.  It spoke volumes when he defeated Ernie Ladd for the North American Championship in Bill Watt’s Louisiana territory.  That place was known as a big man territory for years and for Bill Watts and Ernie Ladd to pick Brad to become the new champion demonstrated the respect, admiration and confidence they had in him to carry the company’s top title.

World champions wanted to wrestle Brad when they would come to Pensacola or Atlanta because they knew they were going to have a tremendous match and he would be on spot for anything.  Brad and I talked about when he wrestled Harley Race at 19 years old in Atlanta and Ric Flair when he came through  Alabama.

In Pell City we were talking about how much the business has changed.  Everybody was going over their matches and we shared war stories. He told me about the time  Lou Thesz called him to go on a tour of Australia and he thought somebody was ribbing him. He eventually realized it was Lou Thesz and he said he couldn’t believe he called and actually wanted him on his tour!  I could believe it.  I then had to tell him about ordering Lou’s book “Hooker” and he sent me a primitive wire bound copy autographed that said “To Tom, I am proud of your progress.  Your friend, Lou Thesz 2-20-97.”  Because we were moving I had some items that are special to me in a certain place so as soon as I got home I took a picture of it on my phone and sent it to him.   We both laughed that 95% of the guys starting out today wouldn’t even know who Lou Thesz was, nor would they care!

I have so many stories about Brad that I could write and talk about all day.  But the one thing I can’t stress enough is how much he loved his family.  He was a loyal and trusting friend.  He was a great man.  I wish there was something I could say that hasn’t already been said.  I’ve never heard anyone say a negative word about Brad.  He was an incredible, humble man who never met a stranger.  He was kind and friendly to everyone he came in contact with.  He was happiest when he was with his daughter Jillie.  He adored her and she loved her dad.

There is a huge void in many people’s lives.  I am still in shock and riding an emotional roller coaster.  This couldn’t happen…This shouldn’t have happened…but it did.

I feel like Brad and I were brothers from different mothers.  I feel as though I’ve been a part of his family and life as he’s been such a huge part of mine. I’ve wrestled every Armstrong except his mom Gail.  It was always a pleasure and a ‘night off” any time you stepped in the ring with Brad, Scott, Steve, Brian or Bullet Bob.

My heart is hurting and there is a hole in my soul right now.  There is no one like Brad.  And there never will be again.  I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that I won’t be able to just pick up the phone and say “I have nothing to say and all day to say it” or just call and hear his voice, tell a joke and laugh to start the day.  Any time of day Brad would know how to change the mood from sad to glad.  He was one of the most entertaining people backstage anyone has ever known.  And if you were his friend, he was there when you needed him.

I wish there was something I could have done.  I can wish all day but that won’t change anything.

So let me close by saying goodbye to my best friend Brad.  I love you and always will.  I will still talk to Brad, just not by phone.  I believe he is looking down on all of us and here with me in my heart and spirit.  Rest In Peace my brother and friend.


As I write this I am in the process of moving back to Knoxville, TN.  Hurricane Sandy is moving up the coast and while the east side of Florida is supposed to get the majority of the rain, Tampa has gotten a lot of wind that last couple days.  My wife’s name is Sandi (with an i) but she’s been catching grief from people who like to make analogies. I’m breaking this blog up into different  days and will probably publish it Monday. I am actually leaving Tuesday, Oct. 30 and will have limited web access.

 Sandy is wreaking havoc on the east coast as I type this final entry while in Tampa, FL. The weather reports I’m getting now out of Knoxville is it will be cold, windy and pretty miserable by the time we arrive.  Can’t wait!

There is no fear or loathing going on concerning my move back to Knoxville. 

I thought Hunter S. Thompson was a great writer and genius.  Well, I don’t know about the genius part, but he did write some good stuff (if you’re into that).  The term “Gonzo journalism”  is attributed to Mr. Thompson’s style.  While “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” was a great book, I really enjoyed the movie with Johnny Depp.

The visuals and dialog was as realistic for me knowing what that experience is like.  The first scenes in Jacob’s Ladder told me this was an “acid trip” and the two people I was with were lost.  They had a hard time following the movie and plot until the end showed and explained everything.  But Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas makes no bones about the fact it’s full of drugs and craziness.  Which I certainly could appreciate and relate to at one time. (Those days are long gone, by the way…)

Change is the only constant in life.  I should be used to it by now.  And I am to an  extent.  The world is changing as I write this.  We have a Presidential election coming up, chaos in almost every corner of the world and the wrestling/sports entertainment business is going through transitions.  Introducing new talent, getting them over and getting business back on track.  Three hours of RAW, Two hours of Smack Down, One hour on Wednesday nights and an hour on Saturday, plus a monthly PPV equals a LOT of  programming not to mention the Tweets, Touts and Facebook that almost every Superstar in WWE has to participate in for visibility!

I fought doing Twitter and FB for the longest time.  Now I remember why.  The twitter stuff can be informational and useful and that’s why I started it to begin with.  But the other side is the ridiculous, stupid crap I see on a daily basis that I’ve got caught up in by sending a smart ass remark back to someone who just doesn’t get it or ever will.  Same with Facebook.  But I can see the “necessary evil” with social media these days.  It’s everywhere and we aren’t going to escape it any time soon.

I sometimes ask rhetorical questions just to get a reaction and then realize I would have been better to just leave it alone.  I know wrestling isn’t going back to the way it used to be.  The Internet won’t allow that. I don’t know that fans will allow it either! Everyone talks about going back to the old days but truth be told, wrestling has evolved and continues to evolve to keep up with the times.  It ain’t yesterday no more (I swear I’m going to write a song with that title!)

  But I still think there’s room for good wrestling out there.  Telling stories and getting the audience emotionally involved can still happen if performers understand how to make that magic happen.  It doesn’t happen overnight but I think there are still some veterans out there that can help teach timing and make perspective talent understand they are selling emotion more than anything else.  Only time will tell.

Some of the stars are getting older and beat up.  This is the time for new talent to step up and prove it’s their time to shine in the spotlight.  I hope the wealth of talent in developmental get their opportunity sooner rather than later.  It’s hard to give up your spot and let some “young punk” come in and take over.  But change is inevitable.  We all get older and can’t move like we used to.  Some can retire and walk away.  Others don’t know how or when to walk away from the ring.  It can be a hard decision when this is all you’ve done your adult life. 

I’m rolling the dice returning to Knoxville. What I saw years ago on the independent scene made me vow to never go back to them again.  I’ve made it clear how I feel about the “play rasslers” who go out a do their thing in front of 20-30 family members like it’s their weekly softball game. I have some projects I’m looking into and am anxious to see how they play out.  Either way, it’s all good.

Tampa was great.  I loved it.  Still do.  But I like Knoxville too.  I’m going to miss some people in Florida but I get to reunite with some old friends in Tennessee. I have some great prospects and opportunities but I’m not counting any chickens yet! I know college game days find the city of Knoxville enamored with the color orange and you can’t go anywhere without seeing an orange Tee shirt or loyal Vol fan.   Change can be good.  It will definitely be different!

I’ve gone through the gamut of emotions the last year.  My brother had a heart attack, had a major change take place in my life, got offers from incredible people and places, lost a couple good friends and Mike Graham recently passed away. 

While I wasn’t big buddies with Mike, his passing hit me hard.  I worked with Mike in the early 1980’s in Amarillo and one other town I can’t remember the name of.  We crossed paths through the years, but I got to know him better during my time in Tampa.  Mike could be opinionated at times and I always got along with him.  While I was shocked, I wasn’t surprised to hear how he died.  No one can judge a person’s actions or state of mind unless they’ve been where they’ve been. It’s not easy to say goodbye.  Mike will be missed by his many friends and fans who knew him during his wrestling days.  He was always upbeat, funny and offered advice to anyone who asked when he came by FCW.  R.I.P. Mike.

I plan on spending a couple days in the mountains with no Internet access.  I might find someplace with limited access  but it might do everybody some good that I’m  not connected for a  little while.  I’ve always enjoyed the  Smoky Mountains and cabins away from everything.  It’s good to clear your mind and get away from the hustle and bustle of a city atmosphere and chill in a cabin in the mountains.  If you ever get the chance, try it.  You might like it.  Or not…

Like I said at the top of this blog, we are expecting some brutal weather but I’ve survived more than one storm in my life and I’ll survive this one too.

I had a great time at Global Championship Wrestling in Pell City, AL. Oct. 27.  I teamed with Micah Taylor against Brad Armstrong and Mad Dog Dan Sawyer.  Tim Horner was supposed to re-unite with Brad as The Lightening Express.  Unfortunately, Tim’s father passed away earlier in the week and due to an illness on top of that, Tim was unable to attend.  Regaurdless how I might feel about Tim Horner professionally, he was close to his dad and while I might have questioned his guts and integrity on Saturday night, I know Tim would have loved nothing more than to be in Pell City knocking my head off with his dreaded right hand KO punch!  I’ll put Horner’s punching ability up against Big Show’s anytime!

I will say Mad Dog proved to be a good partner for Brad but it would have done him better to “shut up” and listen instead of trying to go into business for himself.  Just my opinion.  I don’t mind doing business but sometimes it’s better to listen instead of trying to impress somebody who’s seen and wrestled some of the greatest if not THE greatest wrestlers in the world (and trained a few) before you ‘go into business for yourself.’  I appreciate the professionalism showed by all but it seems the more things change the more they stay the same!  Don’t know if I’ll be invited back to GCW but Mad Dog knows where I stand and that’s all I’ll say about that.   Micah Taylor is a man who never got a true opportunity when he was in WWE developmental years ago, but he is just as talented as ever and it was a pleasure working with him and manager JJ “Boom Boom” Tanner in our corner.

I received a horror novel in PDF form written by an acquaintance that has me intrigued.  But I’ve also been re-reading “Wrestlers are like Seagulls” by James J. Dillon.  It’s funny how the more things
change, the more they stay the same.   I highly recommend JJ’s book. It gives you an insight from someone who was on the inside and up close and personal for some very intense moments in WWE. I was never in JJ’s pay grade, nor did I have his responsibilities but I did see and hear enough that it was like deja vu…

 The horror book hasn’t been published yet and I’m only on page 62, but it has all the ingredients you need for a horror story. I am finding myself in-between reading, writing and trying to pack.

What lies ahead, who knows.  That’s the great part about life.  You can make anything you want happen if you work hard enough. Next Level Wrestling is one of many projects and ideas that are on the table.  It’s an exciting time for professional wrestling/sports entertainment.  I’m interested in watching Ryback dominate WWE in the near future.  I hope he gets the ball and scores beyond expectations.  I had the opportunity to watch this man grow from a developmental talent, hit some highs and run into some huge lows.  I admire his work ethic and ability to recover, never take no for an answer and become such a center piece figured in for the WWE title picture.  But it still lies on his shoulders to make it happen.  I for one hope Ryback gets the ball and scores the winning combination of being the man in WWE!  We’ll see. 

I know we have a cabin in the Smokies somewhere.  Limited to no Internet at best from what I understand.  So if you order anything, send an email and I don’t get right back to you, please give me a break.  I will make ever effort to respond ASAP.  Moving sucks!  But I love an adventure…

Next time you hear from me will be from Knox-Vegas!

Thanks for reading.