This is a one year training “curriculum” to help anyone trying to run a practice or learn the basics of pro wrestling. Included with a complete year of lesson plans, are lists, stories and advice that the novice and seasoned pro can use. This curriculum was meant to be used with a qualified coach/trainer present and under safe conditions as well as offering various drills and moves to try and practice at your own pace.

Lists include

  • How to send a promo package to major companies
  • Top 10 Necessities for being a Pro Wrestler
  • Top 10 Tips while training
  • Backstage Etiquette
  • 20 Basic Rules to Remember
  • Suggestions on how to apply and use this curriculum

Stories include “So, You Wanna Be A Superstar?”, “Are You A Real Doctor” and “Final Thoughts.”




You can also order by sending certified check or money order (NO personal checks) to:

Tom Prichard

PO Box 22451

Knoxville, TN 37933

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